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SOIC and Friends Big Microchip Adventures
An edtech book series that introduces kids 2-8
to a whole new world of imagination.

SOIC and Friends are an engaging group of characters whose relatable stories draw kids in to a whole new world beneath the plastic and glass of their household electronics. In this big, tiny world, adorable microchips solve the big problems of their everyday life – just like real kids. Through fun adventures with friends, kids are learning along the way!

Meet SOIC and his friends!


SOIC  (sō’ĭk)
Small Outline Integrated Circuit. An average guy, hard worker. No rocket science here, but he’s no dummy either. SOIC’s the one who started it all.

SOT  (sŏt)
Small Outline Transistor. Sweet girl, very simple – or “uncomplicated,” she says. SOIC has 1000’s of transistors, where SOT has just one. But she knows what she’s worth.

TSSOP  (tē’sŏp)
Thin Shrink Small Outline Package. TSSOP is a USB interface chip on the “front lines” of the system. She communicates directly with the public, and in her time she has seen it all. “Keep Calm, (Reset) and Carry On” is her motto!

MSOP  (ĕm’sŏp)
She’s a plucky kid. As many transistors as SOIC, but with less brawn. She can do a lot of measuring and mathematics, but not much heavy lifting. She makes decisions that affect the entire system, and she’s very proud of her independence.

DPAK  (dē’păk)
A ‘Decawatt’ Package who happened to be born on a small line in central Asia. DPAK is a real bruiser who can carry the power of the entire system. But he hasn’t got any more transistors in him than SOT, and he needs a lot of direction in his life.

A big world of adventure is waiting!


SOIC & SOT – The Microchips

Two microchips named SOIC & SOT go on a journey through an electronics assembly line. From shipping boxes, through the soldering process, assembly and test, the chips learn about the world outside, and what they were born to do!


SOIC y SOT – Los Microchips

Hay un mundo electrónico de maravillas bajo el plástico y el cristal de nuestras computadoras portátiles y teléfonos inteligentes.¡Únete a dos adorables microchips en su valiente aventura a través de ese mundo y descubre para qué nacieron! 


MSOP and DPAK – One Hot Day

MSOP is a power supply monitor chip in a laptop who manages “DEEPAK,” a powerful regulator chip. It’s a hot day “doing homework,” but will the mean old CPU give the microchips a break to cool off?

Available July 24, “National Thermal Engineer Day”  #ThermalEngineerDay


TSSOP Gets Zapped – With Static Electricity

Static electricity can be annoying to humans, but it’s deadly as lightning to microchips! TSSOP’s job is to read picture files from USB drives in a photo kiosk, and she sees lots of danger out there…but can she recover from this jolt?