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Teaching Materials and Instruction

Individual and Class Opportunities

In-Person and Remote

Kid Processing Units

Teaching Computer Architecture to kids!


Kids intuitively understand what computers do, but very few adults, not to mention children know how they do it. SOIC and Friends are intended to help kids get a look under the hood, but the KPU programs bring the computer to life by interactively replacing each element of a computer with a kid!

Kids are not just taught, but rather immersed in the action of Communications, Input/Output, Memory accesses, arithemtic operations and sequential and conditional program execution.

Children of varying age and capabilities can work together to decode data and make complex calculations that they could not do individually. This teaches them how the simplest components work together with other components to execute complex tasks. Even ages 3-5 can perform as simple memory cells, while older students or teachers can serve as the Central Processor or Arithmetic Unit.

This study method introduces the basics of computer architecture via hands-on "hardware" experience, and solves the persistent problem of costly and delicate electronic lab hardware – by letting the children be the computer.

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